Burglar Deterrent System

There is a home burglary committed every 14 seconds in the United States. Don’t let it happen to you.  Now there’s an amazing way to discourage a thief from considering your house or vacation home as a target for burglary.

Rid-a-Thief dramatically reduces the chances of home burglary by making your residence seem occupied when it's vacant, or if you’re asleep! This one-of-a-kind system continually plays real conversations (often boisterous) and sounds people engage in when at home, thus creating a lifelike presence inside. Additionally, several options are available to further your protection when away for a short or long term, or if in bed.

One shortcoming with home burglary alarms is their activation relies on an intruder breaking and entering, plus costly monthly fees charged to you. False triggers can be a significant and costly problem. Though an alarm is often effective, it would be better to discourage a would-be perpetrator from even considering your dwelling as a target. This is the strength of Rid-a-Thief--a unique deterrent system that creates apparent occupancy of your home, plus optional added safeguards. The system makes a burglar a lot more inclined to keep away. Statistics show that a thief would much rather target a surely unoccupied dwelling.

Common burglar deterrent examples include a watchdog, lamp on a timer, alarm posting, house sitter, “neighborhood watch” posting, surveillance camera and radio or TV left on. All of these helpful measures decrease the chances of unauthorized entry. Rid-a-Thief also offers these types of safeguards using unique technology, in addition to its "virtual occupancy" capabililty. It all helps to intimidate an intruder from targeting your home.

Rid-a-Thief...so simple and effective

Rid-a-Thief features a fast 2-step installation and 1-step operation. Plug the unit into your wall and place the 2nd speaker where desired. It’s ready! The system is quickly armed by a key-chain remote when within 50 feet, e.g., porch, car, doorway or driveway. Press on when leaving, off when home. Set the volume so it’s heard outside your home. The system can be used alone or as an enhancement to any home security product. Rid-a-Thief continuously outputs conversations, phone ring, cooking, guests, working on projects, TV, stereo and barking dog. As you sleep, speaker volume can be set to low and placed by the main door so anyone just outside will hear it. Additional options include a vicious dog alarm if someone nears your door, and an automated LED screen that at night mimics a TV’s light, then turns off by day. Both these options are also operated from Rid-a-Thief's small remote. Another security device offered is a steel door brace for conventional doors, to prevent entry, plus a piercing door jam/alarm is included at no cost. Both these items give you time to arm against forced entry: e.g., to dial 911, load a firearm, press an alarm panic switch, or escape through a window. Don’t jeopardize your home or loved ones. Deter ahead of time and gain the advantage!

If household power fails, you have 3 options with Rid-a-Thief: 1) If the unit is on and home power is lost, the unit will automatically resume play once power restores. For long departures of several weeks to months, the unit can simply be plugged directly into a wall outlet. 2) If using the remote, an optional power backup device provides full operation for up to 2 hours of power loss. 3) A long-term UPS option furnishes up to 2 days of full operation, depending on the battery selected.


Rid-a-Thief system, security stickers, door jam/alarm and 25 security tips: $229. Options: Small battery backup, $99, or extended UPS backup: $229. Watchdog door alarm, $89: LED TV simulator, $59: High-quality door brace, $89. All products predominantly have a 4-5 star user rating.

* Pricing subject to change.  Rid-a-Thief price includes shipping to the US. Alaska and Hawaii locations are extra.  Shipping for optional products is extra.

Are you safe?
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