"Stilettos in Motion" charity
25% of this book's profit donated
to the humanitarian channels 
Lady  Gaga supports

"Tai Chi for Stiletto Heels" is targeted for future publication. 25% of the book's profit will be donated to Born This Way Foundation, supported by Lady Gaga and her mother, Ms. Germanotta. The "Stilettos in Motion" project is a first, and Motion Dynamicx is proud to be a future part of this effort. Tai Chi for Stiletto Heels has also been endorsed by renowned jazz singer, song writer, and poet Lisa B.

Tai Chi for Stiletto Heels is a new-millennium first, as was 20th Century's popular "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" (1974). This book adjoins the captivating stiletto heel and ancient art form of Tai chi as a means to foster emotional creativity, self-esteem, mind/body connection, personal awe, and fitness/strength. Using the power of Tai chi, the author first unveils simple external and internal techniques to heighten one's mind/body integration and power. This develops grounding, balance, and overall connection. Uniquely, the system  works in concert with the excitement and intrigue of stiletto heels, to develop poise, stability, exhilaration, self-inspiration, awareness, and inner beauty. Added to this is a multitude of ways to manifest positive life changes, including a novel stiletto-Tai chi support network.

Tai Chi for Stiletto Heels is captivating, creative, and well written from both an instructional and inspirational standpoint. It boasts an applied, motivating, and at times humorous paradigm that is out-of-the-box and effective. Its content and creative philosophy take your stilettos out of the closet and into your daily life like never before. The book promotes a sense of happiness and heightened self-being, including ways to interact on a more powerful level with others. Also included is a manageable fitness solution to keep you in top shape, through exercise, activity, and easy-to-follow nutritional measures.

Tai chi for Stiletto Heels is for young women through baby boomers young at heart. The book extends its techniques to also knock out life's hurdles, negative emotional patterns, and lack of motivation to stay in great mind/body shape. Readers learn to exuberate a new inner glow from within, in fun and exciting ways, while mastering overall balance and harmony inside the voguish stiletto foot piece - or any shoe.
Prepare to be inspired and transcended like never before. You won't be the only one to benefit from this book; 25% of the profit from your purchase goes to Born This Way Foundation.

The Author:
Tim Gnazale is a 33-year instructor of Yang Style T’ai chi, originally trained at the T’ai Chi Tutelage in Palo Alto, California. He has competed in Shaolin kung fu, judged in US Open martial arts competitions, and currently teaches Tai chi in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. Tim is also a 30-year certified fitness professional through the American College of Sports Medicine. As a published author, Tim was inspired by one of his long-standing students to write “Tai chi for Stiletto Heels.” This was spawned by the jubilance she experienced in wearing high heels while engaging the unique techniques Tim has taught in Tai chi.  When Tim decided to seek out a charitable channel for humanity, it didn't take long to direct his focus on Lady Gaga, turning her falls from wearing extraordinary stilettos, into benefit for those in need.

* Pre publication PDF file available.

    East Meets West Like Never Before