F lexible A daptive S ub-light T rekking
Today's lightest, most comfortable, ultralight backpacking solution, 7-17 pounds, 2-7 days: full elite gear set, bear-resistant container, ample food... everything you need to hit the trail the light way.
Tai Chi for Stiletto Heels
Amp up your well-being, power, self-awe, and social empowerment by combining Tai chi with the fettish of high heels! Overcome life's hurdles and get excited in innovative ways never seen before.
Empowering True Fitness Success
The best fitness, nutritional, and wellness solution: real and life-long success for beginners through advanced enthusiasts. Includes special populations: pre-natal, senior, and physically challenged.

Always Fit with the H.O.T. Workout
Total fitness and nutritional solution for Home, Office & Travel, packed with education and innovative techniques. No gym?...no problem, with the H.O.T. Workout!

Feel Great
Gain Tone
Lose Fat
Tim Gnazale.
No gym?
No problem
No hurdle
too large

Captivating autobiography of the author and the history that prevailed over 60 years, from the debut of Silicon Valley, through the turbulent '60s, and over Gens X and Millennial. Charismatic and unexpected!
Tim Gnazale
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Whatever Happened To God?
Questions and elucidation about spiritualism and much more, for believers and non-Believers.  A deep, captivating, and multifarious approach to spiritualism, non-spiritualism, and ultimately acceptance toward one another...including a nip of humorous improv.