Never has a book about spiritual purpose been so existentially focused on embodying higher conscious pathways and acceptance toward one another. Never has such an insightful, scientific, archeological, technological, and historical approach been orchestrated to manifest a greater understanding of our cosmos and human beings’ connection to it—from ancient theism and today’s diverse spiritual realm to science and paranormal happenings. Our litigious cyber world has entranced half of the planet, 4 billion people, into a digital stream of congestion for better and worse. Is this preventing us from actuating transcendental development, or enhancing it?

It was my journey in spiritual evolution that lead me to many miracles, bring others on par with their spiritual side, and improve acceptance toward one another. Such enlightenment was brought forth using a variety of spiritual paradigms, which embraced God, entities less divine, and acts of righteousness.

Witness how ancient history’s philosophers and modern archeologists have bridged our distant past and popular mythology with today’s ubiquitous scriptures and doctrines. Experience what advanced science, math, and technology have unveiled about human interconnectivity—people collectively manifesting energetic change in things and one another through mass consciousness over  remote means. Science has recently unfurled the complexity of our DNA, the solar system, and cosmos as only possible through a supreme intelligence, i.e., God, and has also measured  numerous  mind/body benefits from religious, spiritual, and meditative practices.

Prepare to be stripped of your views on faith and life’s inimitable purpose, but then fortify them to create increased spiritual awareness and toleration toward others' beliefs. Don’t be surprised to find some dull humor thrown into the virtuous mix for levity. This book is a universal elucidation to our higher purpose, remarkable and beneficial for all.

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